Unprecedented Research

We are committed to conducting future research through the Blue World Project that will lead to increased understanding and care of animals both in our parks and in the wild. These transformational environments and innovative features focused on husbandry and animal care will offer SeaWorld’s animal health professionals and independent scientists unique access to the whales that can lead to a better understanding and care of the animals both in the parks and in the wild.

As part of the project’s vision, we have also committed $10 million in matching funds focused on threats to killer whales in the wild, especially those identified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration related to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale. That includes new projects already funded this year: one that will help to understand the hearing ranges of killer whales, and another that will provide insight into nutritional status and reproduction of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale. The matching funds will be in addition to killer whale research conducted by SeaWorld’s scientists, which includes nearly 50 studies to date.

Recognizing that ocean health is a leading concern for killer whales and all marine mammals in the wild, we are pleased to announce we will be embarking on a major multi-million dollar partnership focused on protecting the ocean. More details of the partnership and its mission will be announced in the coming weeks.